December 4, 2013

you are my everything, kevin kamalu roberts. 


September 26, 2013

Instagram comparisons can be the thief of joy.

How many times a day do you hit that refresh button on your Instagram app? Or even do the "double tap"? Too many to count? Me too. I love Instagram. I have met great friends through the social media app.  It can leave you inspired, laughing, feeling uplifted, or even all sorts of creative. However it can also leave you feeling inadequate or you may even find yourself making comparisons.

Do you ever ask yourself, "How is their life so perfect?" Wondering why you don't have any new wardrobe numbers in your closet, a passport used numerous times for traveling the world, a perfect family with adorable baby announcements... well, what we don't see is this. We don't see that maybe their new outfit is borrowed from a friend or that it was gifted, the sweat and tears that went into saving up for those fun vacations, or a future mom that had struggled for years with infertility and had finally succeeded.

I am not perfect, you are not perfect, and as crazy as it may seem, no one you nor I follow on Instagram is either. It's easy to check Instagram and to think that you are the only one going through hard things when in reality everyone else is going through the bumps of life just like you and I are.

So the next time you find yourself "comparing" on Instagram, remember this- you can't see the whole story behind that 4x4 filtered image, and that they have their struggles, too. Until we accept the fact that  none of us are going to be perfect, we can never truly be happy.

Rock & love every second of your life, because after all, it is straight up magic.


September 12, 2013

(Huntington Beach, CA)

 Summer came and went. As it always does. Careful to even blink, you might miss it. Maybe thats why we all love it so much, I love it so much. It does't last long, but when it does its sweet and leaves you asking for more. If there is one thing I can make out of this summer, that is to be happy. You know those incredibly happy people to be around that are so happy it is inspiring?! It's contagious really. When it almost seems as if they were thrown the most negative situation they would still look at it with a smile and nit pick every last positive thing it contains. Here is my vow to be more like that.

"The happiest people don't have the best of everything, they just make the best of everything."

and to all of you negative nellys out positive! YOU ARE SO BLESSED!


June 8, 2013

i anticipated it, really. the butterflies, uncontrollable case of the jitters, a sleepless night, you know the works (but in a good way.) i remember waking up without the sleepless night, in fact sleeping better than ever. as i was being pampered that morning i remember my little sister asking, "are you nervous?" and to my surprise i simply replied, "no." it was a feeling that i wish i could relive over and over again. a feeling of comfort, and peace that the day i had worked so hard and prepared for was finally here. to finally be married in the "princess castle" of my Heavenly King, to my worthy priesthood holder whom was worthy to take me inside.

amongst all of the feelings from the day, my favorite was walking into the sealing room being warmly welcomed by the thing that matters most, family. from parents, siblings, grandparents, great-grandparents, relatives, to the closest friends. my dad had tears in his eyes, that i know he was trying his hardest to refrain from falling down his cheeks. our mothers were glowing, and radiating a special love that only a mother carries. from the details of the flowers, photographers, invitations, the bright pink bra i had accidentally worn (which the temple replaced with a white one... phew! those women are prepared in there! ;)), to the date and time of the reception, none of that mattered.  what mattered was right in front of us. each other.   it was a realization that i had never been so happy in my whole life; that what was in front of me was mine, all mine, for eternity.

you are one special guy kevin kamalu roberts, and i am one blessed girl to call you mine. here is to our first year of marriage, and to many more to come. after all, you are mine forever ;).

*a short film of clips from our honeymoon*

now how about we get remarried everyday for the rest of our lives, to relive that perfect beyond belief day... to each other of course! i love you, kevin, to the moon!


April 9, 2013

Marriage is so funny at times. Its a knee slapper I tell ya. At times it has you feeling as if you are the next Martha Stewart  because of the killer dinner you worked so hard to accomplish (as for myself accomplish as in not burning or undercooking it). You know what I mean, unstoppable. Or as if you were pulling an Anne Hathaway, timid to take on the roll of Queen, but then totally captivating and astonishing the people of Genovia. Or, of course, sometimes it can leave you in tears and make you cry. The dinners won't always be perfect. The dishes won't always be put away. There will always be times where we don't agree. However, we are working at it together. Hand in hand, side by side, you need me and I need you, teammates.  

 Expect marriage to make you laugh, make you feel so comforted, and to leave you loving unconditionally. Expect to receive all that you are putting into it. 

 Expect marriage to not alway be easy, to hurt, to have bumps in the road, and expect that you can do it anyway. Expect it all to be worth it. 

After all, marriage is straight up magic.

"Husbands and wives work side by side, in the most important work we do. The very work that we do in our own home... successful marriages love each other with complete devotion."-
this talk, from LDS general conference.


March 20, 2013

(not sure who this quote is by)

One of my favorite things from looking back at mine and Kevin's wedding was reading all of the sweet cards from family and loved ones. As I was cleaning out the back closet I stumbled upon the cards. I had forgotten about the note a kind friend of mine and Kevin's that had this quote in it.

I hope you love it nearly as much as I do. 

Love is the greatest thing. Our hearts, young or old hold so much of it.

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