January 30, 2012

Be prepared for an overwhelming feeling of jealously over her pipes...

Did you or did you not clean up drool after watching this master piece? Amy has the voice of angels. Im officially inspired & determined to learn to how to sing, or at least attempt to.

Sometimes I fantasize of Ursula (from Disney's the Little Mermaid) giving me a special locket containing someones beautiful voice like Amy's.

Hey I can fantasize right?

3 love notes:

  1. wow her voice in beautiful. how amazing. so glad I found this on your blog! PS Kim and I decided we LOVE reading your blog.. we feel like we get to know you so much more! KEEP POSTING!

  2. love that you shared this!! soo amazing.

  3. Agreed! I am jelous to say the least, thanks
    for sharing!

    Lacey xoxo


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