January 24, 2012

She is a lover of all things black and white, cardiganed, original, quoted, and explored. She is also a frequent debby downer of Bella Swan, and everything else that doesnt seem to crack a smile. She is a notorious shopper, with a heart that belongs to her sweet husband. She was smitten by him sophomore year of high school while she cheered with pom poms on the sidelines while he was hoopin it on the basketball court. He is a cute guy who holds "she's" heart. & is the definitely the most tender mercy Heavenly Father has ever given her. A ball and hoop makes him as giddy as ever, along with his girl in heels. He makes breakfast of champions, & has the softest heart. 

They decided to make it forever on June 8 2012.

Thanks for reading! & happy happy blogging! 

6 love notes:

  1. I love this post! And your blog!

  2. Being respectable is so important. My friends and I have coffee dates every week to catch up - not quite tea, but the sentiment is there!

    Love your blog!

  3. Oooh so true. In those days beauty also meant being smart, having curves. I would love to have lived in the same era as Audrey Hepburn she is definitely one of my icons.

  4. YOUR blog is adorable, my goodness!! you seem like someone i would definitely be friends with. :)

    1. and you seem most definitely like someone I could be friends with! So... friends it is! :)

  5. ok, i just found your blog! i dont know what took me so long, but i love it! and i love that you waited for your husband...my missionary gets home in like three months! ah! anyways, im glad i found your blog :)


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