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February 17, 2012

Alright gals... youre gonna wanna hear this so listen up and pay close attention.

Do you need something that is fancy, formal, or froofy?
Do you know someone in need?
This adorable dress boutique has just what you need!

Here you can rent a dress, or you can consign a dress that is just collecting dust in your closet, or even just sale your dress to the adorable boutique.
Thats right, you can consign a dress & MAKE MONEY off of it every single time that it rents. There are all types of styles, textures, shapes and sizes, & colors. 
& get this each dress is named ( you get to name your dress ) how fairy tale is that??
The possibilities are endless.

Angie and Jan will get your dress all cleaned, pressed, & ready for your special occasion. 
Plus you can even pick out your shoes and accessories to go with your dream dress! 
(rent or purchase)
These amazing ladies make it affordable for any girl to have her dream dress and dream night.
They make it possible to make every girl feel like a total princess.

Many many gals walk out of the boutique with a magical armful and a smile that is miles long. Clean out your closets ladies, and make many more girls dream night come true. The gorgeous gowns that are collecting dust could soon be collecting cash from your very closet. 

 Here are the amazing whimsical geniuses of the amazing boutique.

Angie Lewis & Jan Sanderson (my amazing mother)

They are so helpful, delightful, creative.. and guess what... SISTERS!

The two have created one of the happiest, most colorful places in all of Mapleton or even just around.

They're on Facebook
or give them a jingle.
For Angie or Jan

Huge dances are coming up, and especially prom! So bring in the lonely dresses & make some girls happy.

5 love notes:

  1. I'll have to tell my little sister about this! SUCH a good idea.

  2. This is such a great idea! I wish I had something like this when I was going to all those dances. I'll have to spread the word around, can a dress only be rented out in the Utah area?

  3. Seriously this place is great! I get checks in the mail from my dresses that would just be sitting in my closet otherwise. Instead I get part profit of the rent price when a girl rents one of my dresses! Awesome idea. Just jealous this didn't exist yet when I was in high school, so that I could have rented other dresses for such affordable prices!


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