I have an obsession...

February 12, 2012

...with watches, preferably gold or rose gold. I got this watch for Christmas and I love it so much I have even considered naming her.  I have always thought that watches were so insanely classy with a touch of charm, and it can add such a dramatic detail  to your outfit. Accessories can undoubtedly be known as a gals best friend and a most definitely trustworthy and dependable one at that.  Hence the jewelry that you love oh so much that unfortunately rusts or tarnishes. If I were to be the daughter of Daddy Warbucks or to even be  Mrs.Warbucks my self you would see me buying this & you betcha bottom dollar this.

So if I was only allowed one accessory in my entire lifetime.. you would hands down find me with a watch.

4 love notes:

  1. I am obsessed with wrap watches right now. I almost buy everyone i see.

  2. I pinned a rose gold Michael Kors to my Pinterest not long ago. I love the way it looks. Love your watch above too!

  3. Pretty pretty! Love how it looks with your other bracelet :)


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