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February 29, 2012

i have many reasons why i have grown to love blogging. 
(may i remind you that i used to be a person who despised blogs)
i love the opportunity to have other people inspire me and give me motivation as i lose myself in their blog posts and the feeling of being antsy for them to write more and more.
some people express how they feel best by simply putting it into words & it is beyond a treasure to be able to share with them what they are feeling and have to say.
however; one of the main reasons is to meet new bundles of joy and amazing people. 

my very cute friend Mikell (who will soon tie the anxiously waited for knot in a matter of days-im beyond jealous.) tagged me in a post yesterday & it was the funnest idea so of course i want to keep it going.
fasten your seat belts & listen up:

1. post these rules.
2. post a photo of yourself and 11 random things.
3. answer the questions set for you in the original post.
4. go to their blog/ twitter & tell them that you have tagged them.

1: i have learned that i am very impatient ( the main reason: june 8th cannot come soon enough).
what is greater than forever with your best friend?

2:  i am in love with cardigans, if i could have them in every color in the rainbow i would. 
preferably, mustard.

3: i believe in Christ and i testify of him and his infinite love. the gospel is my safe haven. & He is my best friend. 
(close call between him and kevin )

4:  every time i read harry potter i cant help but to read it with a british accent.
wouldn't it be nice to always have a british accent? accents always result in a total chin to the floor and a heart throb!

5: i have incurrable cravings to watch an old film numerous times a day, literally.
preferably one with Audrey Hepburn or just a classic like the Sound of Music.

6. i fall in love everyday.

7: i sing in the shower. i have not been blessed with amazing pipes, heaven forbid im not Adele or Carrie Underwood, however its great to fantasize right? plus everyone always sounds greater in the shower am i wrong? 

8: pin up curls, jazz bars (non alcoholic of course), dramatic red lipstick, and pearls have always had my full attention.
i was born in the wrong era.

9: one of my biggest pet peeves is when PeOpLe TyPe LiKe ThIs & throw the word "LOL" in with every sentence. (i mean c'mon like they are really laughing)
 maybe im biased? 

10: i love basketball, cougar stadium, the color blue runs deep in my veins, i cheer for BYU.
forever and always a jimmer fan. 

11: i love cheese. (my favorites Gouda) i know what youre thinking "how cliche' that is from She's The Man." not but literally, i could live off of that stuff.
hence She's The Man is one of my favorite movies.   

i know it says only 11 things but i have to say this last one... i truly am sorry but i hate to break it to you. your friends are not"best friends" because the best friends out there are mine! and if i am of any worth at all it is because of them and my nothing short from amazing family!
here are the ?'s I was informed to answer:

Q: what is your favorite color?
A: (say this as Nacho Libre would) "my favorite color is.. light tan." jokes all around, its aqua.
the color green makes me queezy. 

Q : what is your fondest childhood memory?
A: that is a tough one because there are many. i was quite the rambunctious child. however i used to love roller blading in my garage to the one and only (drum roll please) Dixie Chicks, Backstreet Boys, and N'sync. Im proud to say that i was never a Britney fan. 

Q: if you could meet someone famous who is no longer living who would it be?
A: i didn't even have to hesitate or think twice about this answer. Michael Jackson. duh. who doesnt love the king of pop? however, i also consider Gordon B. Hinkley famous in my eyes so its a pretty close call between the two.

Q: what is your biggest dream in life?
A: i have found that true happiness comes from serving others. everyone fantasizes to be well off in life financially but i want to be enough well off to help others around me, and to be the most service oriented as possible. i also have wanderlust pretty bad. (kevin speaks french, so of course i would love to go to france with him... sexy right? )

Q: if you won 100 dollars what would you do with it?
A: i dont know what on earth my probably is, its a curse really. i have the hardest time saving my darn money so unlike all of the smart and frugal people out there i would spend it before i could even see it! i would probably buy myself a nice watch. (rose gold of course)

Q: if you had to move to another state which state would you choose?
A: hawaii.(kauai) i know, i know, EXTREMELY cliche'. i am a summer girl at heart. i even love the negative things about summer like sunburns, hike blisters, sand in the unwanted crevices,  & being worked to the bone. but the wonderful sunshine would not be the reason to live there. it would be because of the people. hands down i kid you not they are the friendliest people you will ever encounter! they treat even the strangest of strangers like they are true blood family. genuine love.

Q: if you could do something illegal no consequences what would it be?
A:  rob a bank. the thrill would be invigorating! who doesn't fantasize with a hand full of money, throwing it in the air, then rolling around in it? kevin would be my partner in crime of course. (it would be hilarious to see him with a paper bag over his head, and so scared on the break of losing his britches haha)

Q: if you had to choose a super power what would it be?
A:  many powers would be sweet, i could settle for just a magic carpet though. i would be one happy gal. honey, fly me to the moon! 

Q: what is your favorite song right now?
ATaylor Swift & the Civil Wars: Safe and Sound. it literally gives me the chills. listen to it, i dare you. 

Q: what are you most afraid of?
A: disappointment. i dont know what is worse than the feeling of and knowing that you have disappointed someone. especially if it is someone that is close and dear to your heart. haha & losing my wedding ring. (probably one of kev's fears as well)

Q: what is the best item on your bucket list?
A: to be prepared worthy and ready to be married in the temple. i cannot wait to check that bad boy off of my list on june 8th. 

here are the people i would LOVE to tag & to learn more about!
Valerie. :)

on another side note these photos show a few of my favorite things :

// skii trips with kev
// summer nights: snow cones

//temple trips with incredible friends
// you know the motto CTR

                                                      //the thrill of cliff jumping
// the worlds best friends


5 love notes:

  1. i love the pictures, this is so fun! you are stunning my dear.

  2. love this post! love the pics & LOVED learning more about YOU. and thanks for tagging me :)

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog! You are adorable. Would love to become followers of each other!

  4. Thanks for tagging me girl! I love these pictures, they are so fun. It's good to get to know more about you. Every picture I see of you, I just obsess over your hair color. It's so gorgeous!

  5. I love your blog! Also, Safe & Sound has been on repeat for me for the last like two weeks! i'm obsessed.


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