as of late with the likes and dont likes.

March 18, 2012

// i dont like pancakes (but i learned blueberries ones arent that bad)
// i dont like facial hair but as of lately it has been a fan of mine.
// i dont like how inconvenient shaving is.
// i dont like non heated pools.
// i dont like day light savings, i dont nor ever will understand the point of it. 
// i dont like how short spring break has to be and the sunday night awaiting for school the next morning. 
// i dont like the last minute cramming of homework.

// i like spring break.
// i like st. george.
// i like kanani and ryan
(my soon to be brother and sister in law)
// i like staying in condos and finding old treasures in the closets to wear.
( kevin looked good in the extremely ancient, thrifty, mustard cardigan )
// i like hikes.
// i like the sunshine, and ultra violet rays.
// i like the temple
// i like the joys of sleeping in (even if its just a hair later than usual)
// i like the fact that spring break just meant that im that much closer to getting married.
// i like how i am extremely blessed, and humbled.
// i like st. patricks day (especially because it is my momma's birthday)
// i love my fiance'.

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  1. daylight savings has totally thrown me off!!! and any amount of sleeping in is a joy... take what you can get :)

  2. When I lived in AZ they didn't change the time to/fro. It was nice... Now that I'm east coast we do. It's a love/hate relationship! Spring Break! Enjoy it while you have one no matter how short it is! Once you start working there is no such thing unless you are a teacher! xoxo A-

  3. DAYLIGHT SAVINGS IS THE WORST! I could at least handle it when it was in April, but in March it is just way too early. I have to wake up so early every morning and it is so so dark. I want the light int he mornings!!!!!!!


  4. Cute pics :)

    I invite you to

  5. You and you
    Fiancé are too cute! Marriage is a blessing, engagement is too :)

  6. I LOVE St George... and they have been having PERFECT weather lately. I still dislike (very strongly) my new small, windy town.


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