grandma, He is already taken.

March 1, 2012

Don't smile at this picture, I dare you. 


(pretty hard not to right?)

My grandma is probably the funniest, most full of life person you will ever meet (i may be biased, however she is pretty hard to top). She will always have the soul and heart of a twenty year old. Age doesn't mean a thing to her.

Kevin was outside doing a few extra chores for her outside, as grandma would say "with those strong muscles, that I yet to have".  & grandma was outside picking up a few nick nack things here and there.

My grandma has always loved Kev, looks & all.

Who doesn't?

We asked for one simple picture from the two of them (thinking the normal arm around each other kind of photo)

Before we knew it,  grandma full throttle had both of her arms wrapped around Kevin in a huge bear hug manner. She had those arms grasped as if it were life and death.  & loving every minute of it.

I hope you all enjoy this picture as much as I did, and get as great as a kick out of it.

Because we sure did.

Sorry grandma... but Kevin is already taken.

What are your grandmas like?

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  1. Stop it! Haha, this is SO cute! You guys will love this picture forever :)
    Your grandma is the cutest!

  2. NANA!!
    I absolutely love your grandma. She is always so so cute to me and gives the best hugs! DARLING!

  3. Awe what an adorable picture :)
    Your grandma is so cute!


  4. How adorable! My grandma is the same way. She always wants my boyfriend to help her lift heavy things. She is so sweet. That's grandmothers for you. :)

  5. this is so freaking cute!
    thanks for coming by my blog.
    we're following you now so hope you come by and follow us one day :)

  6. This is so adorable!!! My mom is the same way with my fiance which make it a little weir but still cute. It seems like you have a great relationship!

  7. elsha, you're the cutest. love your blog. love this post!

  8. so cute!! your grandma looks and sounds like she is just so much fun!!

  9. This is such a sweet post. It makes me think about my grandma with such fond memories. She passed away when I was on my mission so sometimes it's still hard for me to accept/realize that she is not here anymore. She would always tell me when I went on dates with boys that if I didn't like them to put my hands on their legs anyway for "practice." HA!

    very sweet blog, I'm a new follower :)

  10. Such a cute picture! I definitely smiled.

  11. That picture is hilarious. Definitely a framer :)

  12. Your grandma is adorable! Great moment that you captured :)

  13. in my mind, grandparents are cuter than babies. i think they are just adorable. seriously, it's like a weakness of mine.

  14. Your grandma looks like a really sweet person, and your boyfriend is so tall! Very nice story :)

  15. Your grandma is so adorable! :) there is a lot of happiness shown in this picture. Definitely needs a frame of its own :D

  16. Aw, this is so adorable!! Your grandma is so cute!!

    x Aliya

  17. Hahaha! Can I just say how stoked I am that I found your blog because this photo pretty much made my day! That is so funny! Lovely blog by the way!


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