much happiness and joy

April 10, 2012

"My young friends, there is much happiness and joy to be found in this life. I can testify of that. I picture you with a companion whom you love and who loves you. I picture you at the marriage altar, entering into covenants that are sacred. I picture you in a home where love has its fulfillment, and I picture you with little children about you and see your love growing with them. I cannot frame this picture. I would not if I could, for it has no bounds. Your happiness will have no ends."

-President Boyd K. Packer

i love the fact that i have a yearning right now to go to the library only to teach myself French.
i love that i have the craving to eat a cafe rio BBQ pork salad.
i love the desire i have to be a better person every minute of every day.
i love the feeling of caring for someone more than i care for myself.
i love the smell of my mustard cardigan that i refuse to wash because it has a lasting smell of Chrome cologne. 
i love the date June 8, 2012.
& that i marry my best friend in 59 days.

i love all of this simply because of kevin kamalu roberts. 

17 love notes:

  1. 59 days?! Oh my gosh you're getting so close! That's so exciting lady :)
    And such a sweet post. :)

  2. we need to take french lessons together! That is my plan after I graduate.

  3. so sweet and your wedding is SO soon! :) love it!

  4. Love this post! How exciting that your wedding date is quickly approaching! I'm a new follower :)

  5. and i love this post.
    your wedding is so so soon!

  6. This is so sweet! You must be getting so excited for your big day. I got married last June.. June weddings are pretty great! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  7. Are you getting married on June 8th? What temple are you getting married in? I am also getting married June 8th! Congrats!

  8. so much to do, so little time! very exciting... savor it! and use the word fiance a lot. you only have a small amount of time to use it!


  9. yay! this post is so sweet. :)


  10. looooove your blog! it's super adorable! let's be friends! (: new follower!

    xo, b.

  11. such a sweet post! your happiness is contagious girlie :)

  12. GREAT post, girl! I'm new here and I LOVE the look and feel of your site so far! Off to check out some more posts. Have a wonderful week! xo

  13. Where have I been?! No idea that you were getting married that soon... Congratulations!
    Oh and this post is simply adorable. One of those that I very much want to copy ;)
    So happy we're Insta friends now!

  14. Having someone to spend the rest of our lives with is one of the greatest happiness that one "finds" in their lifetime.


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