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April 30, 2012

I have always been a cardigan addict. I absolutely adore them, and I also think that they are essential for summer. Not to wear during the hot summer days. But to wear on the summer nights.  I have been a collector and I have found that my favorite place to find them is Urban outfitters. 
 When it comes to my summercosmetics, they are pretty simple because in the summer I tend to not wear as much make-up and I try to put the least amount of damage on my hair as possible (blow drying, straightening, curling and etc. ) But these are a few of my favorites. The anti frizz works wonders if you just want hair to have the natural air dried look that is perfect for summer! Once you use bare minerals face powder I promise you can never switch powders again. It is perfect for summer because it is so light and nearly feels like youre not wearing make up! Coconut Mango lipgloss for summer. Perfect right?! & last but not least face wipes! I have tried nearly every kind and this one has worked the best for me hands down, only at Costco! They work wonders, and save you so much time!
I love hats, especially for summer. I am currently obsessing over sun hats. These ones are a few of my favorites.
I have purchased these maxi dresses at different places that I cant seem to remember where but forever 21 has most definitely caught my eye for them. They have SO many to choose from especially if you go online. Maxi Dresses scream spring and summer!Not to mention insanely comfortable!
Shorts are definitely a summer favorite. It seems to me though that the simple white and classic denim are ones that I CANNOT live without!

Happy Happy summer! Is anyone else as excited for May 14th as I am? (the bachelorette) I was already excited for it, and when they announced that it was Emily I got even more excited. What are your guys' opinions about it?

 I hope everyone has been having a great week full of sunshine and warm weather! xo

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  1. Looking at this post is making me feel like summer can't come soon enough!! I love love love the cardigans!

  2. Can I borrow your adorable summer style? :) Love your cardigans and maxi dresses...and I agree, anti-frizz hair products are a MUST for me for summer.

  3. oh how i need that fedora ...
    and everything else. yes, i will take it all.

  4. Great post, and love the blog! I'll be reading, xo.

  5. I love all your summer picks! Cardigans, yes a for sure must. I have one in every color, no lie! I am totally with you on bare minerals. I've been using it for over 5 years and will never use anything else!!! I'm on the hunt for a cute maxi. I was at forever 21 last week and didn't see that many. I don't trust buying online :/ Great picks girl!! LOVE. Oh and omg I'm really pumped for Emily's season on the bachelorette! One week!!!

  6. I absolutely LOVE those maxi dresses! I swear, Forever 21 never seems to disappoint. ;) xo

    Sunshine & Pretty Things

  7. I love every single thing in this post! Your summer style needs to get right into my closet!!

  8. The dresses, cardigan and that big hat=yes!
    Oh, Just Living the Dream

  9. I love makes me so happy! Dresses, tank tops, flip it all!

  10. Who doesn't love a good cardi?? And the whole less is more look for summer?? I can't wait!!

    So I noticed your twitter button doesn't connect to your twitter...and that I can only view your instagram if I connect through statigram! Can you give us your usernames for both??

  11. I really need to go shopping for the summer! These are great ideas for summer, thanks for the tips.

  12. uh oh i need a new cardigan for summer, too! thanks for the reminder!

    you really have and mix a lot of different clothes, love it!

  13. aw I love your photos and really enjoy reading your lovely posts xoxo
    would you like to follow each other?


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