blueberry coconut smoothie.

September 6, 2012

Alright guys I know that I just recently posted a smoothie recipe. However this is the smoothie that I nearly make every morning because of how much love I have for it, was a must post. If you don't like coconut, or blueberries than I hate to break it to ya but you would definitely not like this. But if you DO... then I have the perfect treat for you! It is so delicious. Enjoy!

And if you need some good beats to make this to... or just ever. Play this. And then play it again and again and again.


5 love notes:

  1. Aaah! I love Imagine Dragons! Not many people seem to know about them! :)

  2. you always post the best smoothies! i love them:) and imagine dragons!

  3. oh wow! this looks awesome :) you've got a lovely blog here miss xx

    a thousand million words

  4. Looks delicious!! I want to make my own smoothies instead of buying them!!


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