he brings out the child in me. and i love it.

September 17, 2012

I know I know those are Christmas socks and its only September... laundry is way overdue! 
....a bunch of blankets. Christmas lights. Dinner for two(pizza, salad, and Calypso lemonades). Your lover. And the stars= one of the best things ever. I kid you not. And a little tip... Kevin and I left the front of the fort totally open so we could see the stars, and I tell you what it was probably the best decision ever. I mean c'mon guys! You are NEVER to old to build a fort!

Kevin, ...thank you for the adventure of being with you always brings.
...for the two years worth of letters from you, that I love to reread reread and reread.
...for your teddy bear soft heart.
...for your passion and love for the gospel.
...for never eating any of my hot cheetohs because of your fear of having red fingers.
...for being so patient and sympathetic with me.
...for always making me feel like a million bucks.
...for nights like tonight that make me so weak at the knees.

...for being mine for eternity.

19 love notes:

  1. Aww how cute, I can't wait to do this! xo

  2. okaaaay i want in on this fort/star gazing business.

  3. this is 100% adorable. i LOVE it so much :)

  4. I love this! Definitely asking the Husband for a stargazing night :) x

  5. That's so awesome! I love being about to be a kid with Forrest. I think keeping some of that "child-like innocence" is what helps make relationships last. Forts and Calysos are basically God giving us a glimpse into heaven on Earth ;)


  6. This is honestly too perfect. I'm waiting for a missionary right now and it motivates me when I see awesome examples like you two!

  7. WOW! What a perfect and beautiful date night! I'll definitely have to show my husband this. Following you now, and I really can't wait to keep reading. Follow me back so we can keep in touch. :)

  8. Hi dear!
    Love so much you're blog, is amazing!
    Follow u, my name in GFC is: sexy_paige_cucu.

    Hope u follow back :) :)

    A lot of kisses.

  9. This is adorable! Could you two be any cuter?! Thanks for the very sweet date night idea xx

    Twenties Girl Style

  10. Oh yes! That sounds so nice & looks like a really date :)

    Hope you're having a lovely day!

  11. Loved the christmas lights (and socks;) addition!! Looks like you enjoyed such a sweet night with your hubs. xo

    Now I'm going to make that happen at our place. Tonight. :)

  12. oh your blog is so cute <3
    i'm following you , hope you can follow me too :)

  13. Hi! Thank you for the lovely comment ;)

    Everything looks gorgeous!
    You must be a really happy couple, you're lucky!

  14. Lovely post...that pizza looks delicious!!

  15. Okay so I totally spot my all time favorite strawberry lemonade! that stuff is THE BEST EVER!

  16. You guys look like such a perfect couple together :) I'm glad he makes you happy with simple things : that's what life is about!!


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