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October 1, 2012

When the adorable Aubry contacted me to be their featured fashion blogger I was totally flattered.  I had the opportunity to head down to Apricot Lane Boutique located down at the Shops at the Riverwoods, in Provo Utah to pick out my "signature look". Guys, I tell you what. I felt like a million bucks. I was greeted by lovely Aubry and her coworker and they quickly got to work to help me find my signature look.  The spunky girls were so friendly which made the exprience all that much greater. 

The sweater caught my up most attention, but of course I couldn't stop there. I mean its like playing dress up as a little girl and only putting on the princess crown. You have to put on the whole shabang! Then I found the perfect jean. You know the jeans where the crotch goes down to the knees, or the waist is far too large and the thighs are way too tight! Well nope not these ones! They fit me like a glove! Yes I fell in love. I also love jeans because I feel like you can always dress them up or dress them down. Heels make such a difference. I finished it off with some adorable accessories, and of course a bag. 

I decided to name my signature look The September Leaves. I was smitten by this adorable sweater, and especially because of how much it screamed fall! The leaves right now are absolutely stunning, the sweater reminded me of the September fall leaves, that are ever so gorgeous.
Sweater: Apricot Lane
The Perfect Jean: Apricot Lane
Accessories: Apricot Lane

You can also find more of Apricot Lane line through their social media sites.

Happy Monday to you and you and you! 

10 love notes:

  1. those jeans look awesome. need to get me some! i can appreciate a good jean. it's a great look!

  2. That's a super cute sweater! Love it!


  3. wow I love it!!! you are pretty!!^^

  4. you are stunning!!! perfect look for the fall :)

  5. what a fun experience! also, your shoes? i am obsesssed.

  6. Adorable! I just love your hair, it is gorgeous!

  7. Love the look, what an amazing chance you had :)

  8. Oh I adore your sweater...and I'm definitely crushing on your shoes. :) The whole looks is fantastic!

    And your red locks!!! I've never dyed my hair (a combination of being too chicken and cheap;) but I'm told my hubs a thousand times that if I ever did, I'd go big and make it red with subtle high lights. Yours is simply perfect. :)

  9. Oh Elsha Rae! We are currently having a girls night and are just ranting and raving over how beautiful and classy you are! We love you, your style, your humor, your photos, and your everything. You are glorious my woman and I look up to you sooo much!


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