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October 9, 2012

 If you haven't subscribed to Ellen's youtube channel yet. Do it, do it now. You can watch Ellens "favorite youtube videos", and I tell you what... It is too good (and a little time consuming). Maybe it is too late, and I have the extreme late night jitters and giggles but I have been laughing my head off at this for a good ten minutes now. & if this is a gem that people have known about for a long time, how am I just stumbling upon it now?! 

I have so much admiration for all you mothers out there. 

"oh my gosh.. oh my gosh... oh my gosh...this is not fair.."
"it's like a snowman puked all over my living room!"


And... you best believe when I have kids the flour will be locked away. haha.
oh, and birth control I love you right now. 

3 love notes:

  1. the question is what was this mother doing while these boys destroyed the house?

  2. Bless you for this. hahaHA! I definitely see a similar (but hopefully not identical!) occurrence in my future. ;) The snowman thing totally cracked me up. Such a good laugh. That is insane.

    And the next video that came up was 'Notorious B.I.G. Calms Down Crying Baby'. Had me crying I was laughing so hard! ;)


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