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November 13, 2012

I am convinced that this snow is a bit of a ...I like to call it...a "sugar rush." We are all loving it right now because well... we havent seen it in quite some time.  After about a month or two we will all be wishing we were in our sun hats & flip flops. (myself included.) But please oh please... if the snow is not on my front lawn on December 25th like last year. Man, I will probably pull my hair out or something. Speaking of Christmas... what do newlyweds get each other for Christmas (besides lingerie, chocolates & the works.) I am stumped. I am in dire need ofsome great ideas on what to get the mister this year.  

* and the last remark about the snow... Kevin kept insisting on going sledding. However our snow clothes are still at our parents houses so I told him no. Next thing I knew I could hear him giggling and sledding down our driveway. 

... Oh that boy.
I knew it was only a matter of time until Kevin were to lock his keys in the car. I received a text from him the other day telling me to bring a shoelace & hanger to campus. I tried to help him at the scene but you know how girls are... we kinda just get in the way. So I just hopelessly sat on the side of the car smiling and waving at all of the UVU students as they chuckled & and giggled. Low & behold though... he surprisingly got the door OPEN! Full on car thief on our hands, and a good one at that. (should I be worried? haha)
THE ORANGE PEEL is bomb. Go to it, if you haven't already. I was convinced that it was just another "smoothie joint" that would soon falter to no one having the need/desires to go anymore. I was proven WRONG.  Also, if you do go... don't be afraid to try things that sound gross. I have learned that those are the best ones!  And if there is two kinds that you can't choose from, hey get both! Pull a Hannah Montana & get the best of both worlds! (in the picture above I pretended to make my own. & I tell you what, it literally tasted like an orange peel haha.) 
 Kevin and I decided to hop in the car and just drive. We even stopped at a gas station to pick up some junk food to make it feel like the ultimate road trip. I tell you what, BEST IDEA EVER. 

...and Utah. Thats it. Now youre just showing off. 

life lately has been bliss. 
...& then some. 

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  1. i love it! i love all your pictures! i have no idea what to get my husband for christmas, since this is our first as well! we'll probably just stick with the usual... socks, candy, and a little gift to remind each other what's important! :)

  2. girl, ok i'm in the same boat, only have a birthday, christmas and our year anniversary. no clue.
    last year i got my husband a watch, because he loves them. it wasn't anything huge, but he loved it (i think cause he wears it all the time).
    i would say find something small that he likes, like watches, hats, shoes, video games, computer things, or music and get him something like that, maybe do like a theme.
    good luck and the snow is looking pretty gorgeous, i agree, however i'm sick of the cold mornings already.


  3. Hi, hi!

    I thought we should be blog friends? This is me extending for the hand shake ;)

    and....a puppy! get your husband a puppy! it's the ultimate christmas joy!

    xo, jenna

    1. haha friends it is. you are darling. & a puppy isnt a bad idea! haha thanks for the input!

  4. lol @ the hanger and shoe lace...sounds a lot like my guy.

  5. Being from the east coast, I've never given places like Idaho, SD, or Utah a second thought when I think of places I could live. But since following your blog I have seen the most beautiful images and it warms my heart and also excites and calms me when I think that my boy's job could take us that way.

  6. Lovely pictures!!


  7. Every year my husband and I exchange Christmas ornaments. It's a cute and personal tradition that we started the first year we are dating. It works well because the past few years we haven't had the extra income to buy each other larger gifts (a trip to Europe and our wedding took priority!) but we still get to exchange something small and meaningful. :-)

  8. Oh my word, it's like a winter wonderland!!! Absolutely beautiful! We are in VA and the leaves are turning red and it's been so fun. But wow! Snow would be amazing.

    Awe, how exciting! First Christmases are so special! We celebrated ours last year and did a couple things. You know the hallmark ornaments? Well we got a collection that started that year. So every year we can collect one from our first Christmas and onward :) We also exchanged nooks because we love reading before bed and that way we could share books and bond over all the neat things the characters were doing (we are kinda nerdy lol)! But seriously, you guys are adorable and I'm sure he is going to loooove anything you get him :)

    xo, Jenna

  9. Snow already! I can't believe it. It's certainly cold enough here for it now, though.

    <3 Melissa

  10. okay you have to get almond, avocado, vanilla (with sweetener) at orange peel. your life will never be the same. i'm currently living out of the country and it is the second thing i'm eating once i'm home (right after in-n-out).

    you're welcome for changing your life. :)


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