November 28, 2012

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pssst.. hey kev... I know you have been thinking about applying to BYU. I hear they don't allow the facial hair. 
.... I dont know if that will fly very well with me.
I love my man with the scruff. & more and more scruff! 

You know when people fantasize and joke of pulling Santas beard but never actually do? Well my Nana totally pulled a fast one on us and caught us off guard when we saw her tugging away on his white dreamy beard. gosh, I love her.  She sure has a way of lighting up every single room she steps foot into, and leaving the room laughing for days on end. 

*we also may or may not have caught her say a few flirtatious words to the sweet man. ;)

See guys! Proof! Caught in the act right there! 

Its definitely a party every time Nana comes to town.  I have the best family around. 

as of lately...

// I have had a raging animal in my ovaries... what the?! did I really just say ovaries?! Which has lead me to the urge of swift kicking school in the nuts (if I could). 

// Valentines is great and all. But man... love during the Christmas season is so much more romantic! I just want to cuddle 24/7 to Christmas movies with some egg nog and hot chocolate. 

// Justin Bieber & Nsync's Christmas CD's have been playing non stop. And Kevin and I aren't ashamed at all. Do you guys remember Justin, Lance, Joey, & Chris?! Boy oh boy did I have the BIGGEST crush on them back in the day. 

// I am loving THIS blog post.  Thanks sara for making me wish I was on the island of Kauai with the sand in between my toes and the scorching heat on my back. 

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  1. I love these photos and your nana looks like a hoot. I want to meet her!!! :)

  2. wait, what's in your ovaries? lol

    I'm still an NSYNC fan...JT is my fav!

  3. Ok, great pictures and I would love to have your nana as mine, lucky!! :)

    1. Useful information, many thanks to the author. It is puzzling to me now, but in general, the usefulness and importance is overwhelming. Very much thanks again and good luck! Please keep up the good articles, thanks!

  4. your husband could always get a beard card for byu.
    sorry about your ovaries.
    yes, christmas really is the best time of the year.
    but really, its just sooo romantic, and perfect and hot chocolate.
    and nysnc, doesn't really get better than that at christmas.


  5. First of all... I was wondering why I had all these visits to by blog... And now after seeing you linked me up it totally makes sense ;) thanks girl!!! And second, you are so dang cute!!! I love reading your blog and following you on Instagram. Call me a creeper but I'm totally fine with it :)

  6. Amen to the scruff! My hubby is transferring to BYU and I'm thinking we might have to have some sort of memorial to his facial hair. It will be a sad day for sure.



    1. your man is going to the Y?! Lets be BYU wives together and become great friends! haha please!

  7. Your pictures are seriously gorgeous. And although I was a hard BSB fan, NSYNC's Christmas CD is def one of my favorites!


  8. Love these pictures! You two are so cute!!! New follower to your adorable blog!
    Oh and I have a cute necklace I am giving away today, I would love to have you visit!

  9. first, YES to scruff!
    second, your Grandma seems the be the perfect mix of sweet and sassy. love it.
    third, amen to Christmas time being the most romantic of the year! <3
    fourth, your hat in the first pic is fantastic. :)

  10. {insert cute comment about your grandma here}


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