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November 26, 2012

I am no make-up/ face guru. In fact, I am always wishing I was much better at it. When it comes to hair and make up I tend to do the most simple things in the book, and as for the fancy up dos I gave up on those back in high school when prom and homecoming came and went. I have had many people ask what "face products" I use. Well... I would love more than anything to share with you guys what I have used since the stone age. The stuff that I use religiously and am too stubborn to try anything else because of my love and passion for it.

OK... So I am kinda biased when it comes to MAC lipsticks. I currently own three different colors. Myth (its a more natural color sort of a nude, Impassioned (more of a pink)... and last the Ruby Woo. Which is the best and I absolutely love it. I love how it stays on my lips for a good period of time. As for the other colors... I dont know if I am applying them wrong or if its just my lips but I feel like they make my lips look extremely crackly and chapped. NOT A FAN. But when it comes to lipstick I also LOVE the Loreal' Lip Stain. It isn't lying when it tells you stain. So be ready for a good four scrubs or so at the end of the night. Also when it comes to the lips, AQUAPHOR is sent from the lip Gods. I use it every night before bed and then when I apply lipstick I usually like to apply a little bit before.

I have tried many different foundations. And as of a good year or two I have refused to use anything other than the Maybelline liquid mousse foundation. It is the only foundation that doesn't make me break out, I also love how lightweight it is.  I literally feel like Im not wearing anything. And the blush I use is Bare Minerals. I think one of the main reasons I love it is because of the fact that I don't break out. One little blemish can make a great day a bad one so I try to avoid the pimples as much as possible.

As for the eyes. I do not get too fancy. I get fancy on fancy night outs and what nots but as for day to day I just use the simple basics. I love the Bare Minerals "Read" eyeshadow kit. And the eyeliner I use is Bare Minerals as well.  My eyes hate the eye liner pencils. I shall I say I hate them haha. I hate how they scratch my eyelids and I can't draw a straight line for the life of me. So when I do my eyeliner I use an eyeliner brush. HEAVEN ON EARTH. Literally though, I refuse to ever use a pencil ever again. If you havent tried it, I definitely recommend it.

Last but not least. WASHING THE FACE. Super important to me. But... when it comes to washing the face I use face wipes. Again... the wipes work on my face because I dont break out and it is super fast and easy. I love the Neautrogena Oil Free Cleansing Wipes that leave your face smelling like a little too over the top. But all in all I love it. I feel like it cleans my face better than any other face wash/scrub.

*as of mascara... I wish I had a preference but I really don't.

The things we do for beauty man...

& that is my everyday beauty products that I use religiously. I would love to hear what you guys are obsessed with, and if any of you know whats wrong with my MAC lipsticks that leave my lips looking nasty please let me know! and now I am over and out!

3 love notes:

  1. I've been using the Maybelline Liquid Moose Foundation for years as well. I love how it feels like I'm not even wearing makeup!

  2. I have the same lipstick problem everyone in a while! Try exfoliating your lips with a warm washcloth before you put it on, sometimes that helps. Or they may be a matte formula that doesn't work for ya. I'm no beauty expert, clearly! and I had no idea bare minerals has eyeliner...gettin' me some o' dat.

  3. Try exfoliating your lips before you put your makeup on and then put a little bit of some vasaline or chapstick on. Apply all your makeup and then dab away any left over moisture on your lips and apply the lipstick. Sometimes applying a lip pencil first helps, but it's usually because your lips are too dry and the matte or more nude colors suck all the moisture out and shows all the dryness.


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