December 20, 2012

 You know when there was just a snow storm, there are clear blue skies, fresh powder, & a beautiful sunny day? A day that every snow lover dreams of. Thats exactly how it was for us yesterday on the big ol' mountain. We couldn't have asked for a better day. (for all you Utah people, Brighton does a deal on Wednesdays in December, if you bring a bag of food you can get in for 20$!) A pretty good screamin deal and a half if you ask me.  It was maybe just a hair crowded for my liking, but we never waited in the lift lines for longer than five minutes & the resort was so large that we could never even really tell on the slopes. 

As I was skiing I had a funny thought of trying snowboarding again. *funny thought Elsha, funny funny thought.*

I don't know how you boarders do it... I mean two feet strapped in on one thing at all times? How? ;) 
I kinda think winter is magical. I mean look at that. It makes my heart swoon.
Kevin likes the big jumps... as my for myself, Ill just stick to the moguls. haha


5 love notes:

  1. Absolutely beautiful photos. I've never been skiing but I'd like to try it sometime (even though I'm terrified.)

  2. The snow looks so amazing and beautiful! I just love the snow! I too believe that winter is MAGICAL!!!!!


  3. Oh my goodness, how fun!!!! We live in VA where there is no snow. This makes me want to rent a cabin and hit the trails! This definitely warms my heart. Glad you had fun!


  4. Skyler want me to try snowboarding, I'm terrified from previous failed experiences and am thinking of skiing instead, we shall see..! Looks like a beautiful day on the slopes for you two :)

  5. looks so much fun! I've never tried skiing or snowboarding because I'm pretty clumsy but I would love to.


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