December 12, 2012

Ok.. So maybe she isn't the prettiest snowman(woman?) but hey.... with it being a warm day in december and the snow nearly melted I think she turned out pretty darn cute. With her nose made of a clementine, eyes of grapes, a dear to the heart hawaii cap on her head, and a gifted scarf around her neck she looks prime. I mean those chubby cheeks just get to me ;)  Poor girl though, Im pretty sure she collected every last leaf on that lawn of ours (and possibly even some deer droppings, gross I know.) 
But hey... 
We are lovin everything about this winter season. (we could use some more snow) but I'm not complaining. The lawn is white. The atmosphere screams Christmas. Home Alone never gets old. "Guys Im eating junk & watching rubbish, you better come out and stop me!" Tonight I got a bunch of MAC makeup with my sister-in-laws for 50% off.. yes I said 50%! Hot chocolate doesn't have calories (I refuse to believe it really does so I can drink buckets and buckets). Finals in our home end tomorrow. & things couldn't be greater.

Im kinda liking you December.

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  1. This is cute.

    Love the new design! So original!

    ♥, Sarah
    The Life of a Redhead

  2. So nice!


  3. I love it! I think the name fits her too :) I love playing outside in the snow even if there is not much to play in. It looks like you guys had tons of fun

  4. Such a cute snowman!!

    How did you get 50% off Mac?? A sale?!

    1. a friend of mine was throwing a Mac party so we got a huge deal! sweet huh?

  5. Oh my goodness..... so so cute. hahahaha I LOVE the new page!


  6. i want it to snow and go make a random snowman (or snowwoman hah) in the woods out back because we don't have a yard. yours definitely turned out pretty darn cute.

  7. Ha ha, super cute. I really want to build a snowman now!

  8. You would be amazed by the small about of snow people can create a snowman out of in Texas. Seriously, a light dusting of snow is enough for them to build one. These little babies here with no idea of what cold is... it is almost adorable.

    Love the new look of the blog. You are so hip.

  9. HAHA a woman snowman. So cute. Darn I wish we had snow to create a snowman.

  10. love it! reminds me of living in washington...when it snowed (about once a year, and only lasted a day or two) we'd build our snowman with all of the snow in the yard so it'd be on a green lawn. :) We still haven't built one this year! Next time it snows, it's happening. :)

  11. this is more of a snowman than i've ever been able to make so more power to you guys! olly is adorable. :)

  12. cute!! What program do you use to edit your videos?


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