February 5, 2013

*Photo by Lindsey Orton Photography

As much as I disliked the "five things" thing that was going around instagram. I couldn't help but like some of them at the same time! I loved getting to know people better! (I was a stubborn bum & didn't do five things about me after I was tagged.) So the other night I asked Kevin what were five things about him that were "different, cool, or something people would never expect." He came up with some things that had me laughing pretty hard I tell you what. Definitely some things I had to have him repeat more than once to make sure he was telling me right. So... here are 5 facts about Kevin and I.

1. She knows way too many Target employees by name.
2. She would prefer a nice steak or roll of sushi over a new pair of wedges.
3. She had to have many doctors hold her down to get her five year old shots.(still terrified of shots to this day.)
4. She broke her arm in the 1st grade & the hospital couldnt give her a pink cast so she cried until her mother drove to the next nearest hospital.
5. She sleep talks regularly. Which is how her mother figured out half of her crushes growing up.

1. He likes to be photographed, but hates to be videoed.
2. He is accident prone. (visited the hospital 3 times in one summer).
3. He was 16 when him and a couple other friends his age went to Korea for weeks by themselves. If he could live there he would.
4. He built a fort growing up out of wood & when they finished they figured it would be cool to have a fire place which resulted to them accidentally setting the whole thing on fire.
5. He could live off of breakfast burritos.

10 love notes:

  1. i love reading these, while i did hate it for a while, i agree with that i liked getting to know people and their random facts.


  2. Haha! You guys are adorable! :)
    I have a giveaway on my blog, that I think you would like! :)

  3. An interesting take on the 5 facts. Definitely love this a little bit more. Lets see if I can convince my husband to play along with me haha

    1. haha you wont regret it! its so funny and interesting!

  4. hahaha that fireplace story is jokes! these are definitely interesting :)

  5. Elsha, your #3 is a dido for me. I finally overcame the shot thing when I was in the hospital a few years ago. My feer was so bad that I had my kidos all-natural and refused IV's. Hope you get over yours sooner than I did.

  6. i was't a big fan of the 5 things either, and then i caved and participated. turns out it isn't as bad as i thought. also, i love that you included your husband!

    1. kylee literally screamed out loud when i saw yours! you are going to be the GREATEST sister missionary ever! i couldnt be happier for you! (what am i gonna do without your blog posts for a year and a half? ;( )

  7. Love these! Target is so amazing, how could you not be in love!?

    xoxo Jamie


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