February 27, 2013

Do you ever look back at your instagram feed and reminisce? Or look at a picture that feels like you posted it yesterday yet again it says that it was posted 22 weeks ago? HOLY SMOKES time just stop, or if that is too hard then just slow down! phew! I have fears, you have fears, we all have fears. Some of mine are silly, and some are more serious. I gawk at how other people can face them with such ease and carelessness.  The greatest fear of them all for me though is something that I have absolutely no control over. Something that everyone wishes that they had more of, could buy, or could erase and go back on. That fear would be time.

Time seems to pass by so quickly. Some of the time wasted worrying about work, school, the house being clean, dinner, groceries, the weekend activities, upcoming events and much more. When in reality we forget to enjoy the time that we are currently in. So, here is to enjoying the past and the future, but most importantly the present.

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PS here are some instagrammers I couldnt live without ;)

What are some of your faves?

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  1. i definitely, definitely do this. all the time. always looking back.
    you are adorable.


    1. kirsten you are the sweetest and one of my all time commenters! you always seem to brighten up my day!

  2. I always do it. It's good to look back at photos and remember :)

  3. check out @haileydevine and @bradleydevine they are to die for.
    also i wouldnt mind if you checked out mine... hahaha @aubreyj0 :)

  4. Love your instagram pics :).I fear time too! It always goes so fast and I feel i'm always running to keep up with it! Good post, we need to enjoy the present.

    Rachael xx


  5. love a good gram :)
    and your blog is too cute!

  6. Instagram love! Great tips, all these instagramers are really lovely.

  7. i totally do that too. so fun! and thanks for the shoutout, girlie! :) xoxo

  8. you are so cute to include me in on this! i could not live without you as my instagram bud! lets be real life friends ok??


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