March 20, 2013

(not sure who this quote is by)

One of my favorite things from looking back at mine and Kevin's wedding was reading all of the sweet cards from family and loved ones. As I was cleaning out the back closet I stumbled upon the cards. I had forgotten about the note a kind friend of mine and Kevin's that had this quote in it.

I hope you love it nearly as much as I do. 

Love is the greatest thing. Our hearts, young or old hold so much of it.

*and as a lot of you may know, google reader is going to be no more. HERE you can find me on bloglovin'!

6 love notes:

  1. thank you for sharing this

  2. what a beautiful quote.
    and so true.


  3. i'm still upset about google reader. you should look into feedly (i'm thinking i i like it more than bloglovin).


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