March 5, 2013

Woah Utah! 46 degree weather! Is this real life? You have been kind to us these past couple of days. This freezin to the bone winter you've dumped upon us had made this beautiful weather feel like a glorious day off the shore of Oahu. So, from the bottom of my heart I thank you.

There are a few things I love more than a sunny day, so of course today was filled with just that. I couldn't remember the last time I had gone fishing (or even at all for that matter) so today was the perfect day to give it a whirl. I'm not the biggest fan of catfish, which supposedly thats what most of Utah Lake is consumed of, so my intensions were not to eat the fish. "FISH ARE FRIENDS NOT FOOD." Who am I kidding, this girl is a sucker for sushi. Pretty sure there wasn't even a little nibble from a fish the whole afternoon, but I was perfectly ok with it.

I haven't always been a huge lover of Utah like I am today. However, it isn't so much that I'm in love with Utah rather more of in love with where ever I am at. Kevin has taught me that there is so much beauty no matter where we are at in the world. Whether it be in Pocatello Idaho, Reno Nevada, or even in the middle of timbucktwo, this world is so amazing. I love exploring and being in it, especially with the greatest explorer around, Kevin.

As for you Utah, thank you heaps and heaps for the sunny day(s)! 

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  1. Love love love. Love these photos to death. Especially the second to last one. So serene.


  2. It looks so beautiful up there right now. So glad you got to enjoy some sunshine weather.

  3. These pics are all very nice.


  4. What lovely photos! Glad you had a nice time and the weather was beautiful for you :)
    Kevin's taught you a really wonderful lesson, I'm learning the same thing at the moment and really appreciating everything and everywhere and everyone. This world is pretty spectacular if you look at it properly.
    Great post :D xx

    1. he sure has! thanks for the sweet comment!

  5. I miss that place. Great pics!

  6. beautiful place! lovely photos
    glad to see you had a nice time

  7. Gorgeous pictures and cuuuute blog! :)

  8. Wow! It looks so peaceful and chilly! It's hard to imagine the cold when we've just parted ways with a glorious summer. Thank you for sharing these posts. My husband and I trying to decide where we should holiday overseas. I think you've swayed the vote..

    Bella xx @ Sea and Salt


  9. these pictures are amazing! you are so talented!

  10. love your pictures- and your blog! so happy to have discovered it! xo

  11. Love these photos! I just came across your blog tonight and I love it! The photos and the content are all so great. I've enjoyed reading about you and your husband's adventures so far.

    I'm following along now, you have reeled me in:)

  12. I love these pictures...I gotta ditch New York someday ;)


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