April 9, 2013

Marriage is so funny at times. Its a knee slapper I tell ya. At times it has you feeling as if you are the next Martha Stewart  because of the killer dinner you worked so hard to accomplish (as for myself accomplish as in not burning or undercooking it). You know what I mean, unstoppable. Or as if you were pulling an Anne Hathaway, timid to take on the roll of Queen, but then totally captivating and astonishing the people of Genovia. Or, of course, sometimes it can leave you in tears and make you cry. The dinners won't always be perfect. The dishes won't always be put away. There will always be times where we don't agree. However, we are working at it together. Hand in hand, side by side, you need me and I need you, teammates.  

 Expect marriage to make you laugh, make you feel so comforted, and to leave you loving unconditionally. Expect to receive all that you are putting into it. 

 Expect marriage to not alway be easy, to hurt, to have bumps in the road, and expect that you can do it anyway. Expect it all to be worth it. 

After all, marriage is straight up magic.

"Husbands and wives work side by side, in the most important work we do. The very work that we do in our own home... successful marriages love each other with complete devotion."-
this talk, from LDS general conference.

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  1. I love how you threw in that Princess Diaries reference. And General Conference was absolutely amazing!!

  2. Adored everything about that talk!!!!! So incredible!

  3. beautiful, everything.
    your words.
    the conference words.
    and you guys.


  4. Love this so much! Perfectly said! Xo

  5. You keep working at your marriage, and you'll find that the vision of your love just keeps growing and growing and getting better. Write this down in you personal journal and look back on it in 5 years and I hope you are as giddy, you should be, marriage is magic. Always keep it alive!

  6. that was one of my favorite talks and i'm not even married yet!

  7. cutest couple ev. loooooved the talk!

  8. not even married yet and i loved this. i love continuing to see how the lord works through each of us.

  9. This is so true about marriage. Beautifully said, comforting, and inspiring. Although I confess that dirty dishes and cleaning up after my hunny makes me want to pull my hair out sometimes- but I remind myself that I do love him! -Jessica L

  10. Hello sweet lady! Found your blog via Meanderings of the Mind and SO GLAD I did! A new follower! xo


  11. Really got great experience & knowledge from your blog.. thanks for sharing..


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