June 8, 2013

i anticipated it, really. the butterflies, uncontrollable case of the jitters, a sleepless night, you know the works (but in a good way.) i remember waking up without the sleepless night, in fact sleeping better than ever. as i was being pampered that morning i remember my little sister asking, "are you nervous?" and to my surprise i simply replied, "no." it was a feeling that i wish i could relive over and over again. a feeling of comfort, and peace that the day i had worked so hard and prepared for was finally here. to finally be married in the "princess castle" of my Heavenly King, to my worthy priesthood holder whom was worthy to take me inside.

amongst all of the feelings from the day, my favorite was walking into the sealing room being warmly welcomed by the thing that matters most, family. from parents, siblings, grandparents, great-grandparents, relatives, to the closest friends. my dad had tears in his eyes, that i know he was trying his hardest to refrain from falling down his cheeks. our mothers were glowing, and radiating a special love that only a mother carries. from the details of the flowers, photographers, invitations, the bright pink bra i had accidentally worn (which the temple replaced with a white one... phew! those women are prepared in there! ;)), to the date and time of the reception, none of that mattered.  what mattered was right in front of us. each other.   it was a realization that i had never been so happy in my whole life; that what was in front of me was mine, all mine, for eternity.

you are one special guy kevin kamalu roberts, and i am one blessed girl to call you mine. here is to our first year of marriage, and to many more to come. after all, you are mine forever ;).

*a short film of clips from our honeymoon*

now how about we get remarried everyday for the rest of our lives, to relive that perfect beyond belief day... to each other of course! i love you, kevin, to the moon!

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  1. this post is perfect. and i may be crying after reading your words and watching your short video.

  2. Aw happy anniversary. Your little video is precious. So cute!

  3. ok. this gave me goosebumps. happy anniversary!!! :)


  4. I'm obsessed with this. You guys are the cutest things ever. Happy anniversary, lovely.

  5. I just about cried watching this. I'm so blessed to have the both of you in my life! I miss you and love guys so much!

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