how did you and Kevin meet?
i was a sophomore in high school & he was a senior. I was a cheerleader & he was on the basketball team. (He was too cool for me til the summer after ;) )

how old are you & kev?
i am just shy of 20 years old, and kevin is 23.

where do you go to school?
i am currently attending Utah State University. (all online) and kevin is attending Utah Valley University. cheers for school.

when will there be lil roberts?
isnt it funny how right after you tie the knot tons of people ask when the babes are gonna start coming? well you see. if we had it our way we would love to be done with school before we have lil ones. but as i have learned everything is the lords timing. so the answer to that question is. time will tell. and we shall see.

is that your natural hair, and how did you grow it out?
haha yes why indeed it is. & gosh, when it comes to growing out the hair i know it can be extremely tedious and frustrating. but it all just comes down to will power and being able to say no to the cute short hair styles out there!

is your life always that perfect? heavens no. my life is far from perfect. however i believe in looking at the positive and optimistic sides of things. when i document things on this little blog of mine i want to be able to look back at previous posts and entries of the positive and happy things rather than the negative. life is such a blessing and an incredible treasure, even with all the negatives the positives out weigh it all by a land slide. we are so blessed.

where do you get most of your clothes? i am always up for a bargain. i find it crazy to find out the prices of what some people will spend on an article of clothing that will be a fad in a couple of months. i shop everywhere from jcrew, F21, H&M, to thrifting. its all about getting the best bang for your buck.

Any other questions? Post your comment below and I will do my best to answer it!

3 love notes:

  1. What camera and lenses do you use?

  2. How did you made your layout?

  3. Where is your hat from (the one In the CHRISTMAS tree farm picture) I absolutely love it.


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